The core value of Float is not in the experience during the session it self, or immediately after. That’s why it is hard to see why people are willing to commit to such weirdly complicated & expensive therapy.

When you come to Float, know that you are not coming to enjoy a traditional spa session. You’re not entertaining yourself seeking surreal dreamy hallucinations. You’re not looking to feel body pleasures.

Weighing the value of float against a massage, a nice meal, a joint or any other sort of sensory entertainment is like apple and oranges. Notice the original name “Sensory Deprivation” instead of “Sensory Fulfillment”. Though it can be pleasurable & relaxing, a Float session should be treated as a therapeutic session for your body & your mind. Sometimes you face your fears, your trauma, other times you work with body pain, posture imbalances. The session can be unpleasurable, unenjoyable sometimes.

The real value is not in the experience of Float itself but the benefits you gain after the session. There’s a myriad of benefits that awaits ones who commit to Float as a THERAPY, a MEDICINE for your well-being.

Had a nice and friendly staff member help us out! A great first experience and I hope to be back soon! Unfortunately the power went out towards the end but that is beyond their control as blackouts occur quite frequently in Vietnam

Great experience! It was my first time there and the staff member/ owner took his time to explain to us the benefits and walked us through the process. Unfortunately there was a power trip towards the end of my session, but the staff member/ owner were witty calm about it and brought it a huge speaker to wake us up (just in case we hadn’t got up).

This is an absolutley amazing find in Hanoi. I always tell people that floating is the perfect practice if your looking to improve your health, inner peace, and general wellbeing - and that is certainly the case at 'float Hanoi' as well! I have been floating regularly for a few years in the US, and I can say that the tanks and facilities here are truly top of the line. Also Minh, one of the owners, was incredibly welcoming and helpful - he even took me to find an ATM machine after my float so i could pay him! Then followed by showing me a gas station so I could fill up my motorbike (Ive only been here two days). 🙂 Float Hanoi exemplifies what selfless service is all about - I feel at home in Hanoi already just from my first experience here (Of course im also relaxed and rejuvinated from the float itself). I bought a package of 5 "one hour" floats, and when those are up, I will be buying a package of 5 "ninety minute" floats. All that said, just do yourself a big favor and give this place a real shot! You wont be at all dossapointed. ????

The last time I floated was back in Bangkok in 2019. My husband and I were regulars at the facility there. The Hanoi float center feels much more “homemade” than the one in Bangkok. Not saying that neither is better than the other; the setting feels very different, which is something to keep in mind. Otherwise, the tanks work the same - the only difference would be that you have the option to pry the tank’s cover open slightly with the ones in BKK but here, it’s either fully close or open, which can be uncomfortable for first-time floaters. Also, if you haven’t meditated for a long time, it can be pretty challenging during the first few sessions as your mind WILL keep wandering. We did the couple floating session for 60 minutes, and we didn’t regret giving it a try. It was nice, dark, and quiet (something you don’t get much from living in Hanoi). The staff understands and speaks English very well. The online reservation was hassle free, and the team will contact you a day before by phone to reconfirm. Note that they are not really responsive on Facebook messenger, so it’s better to call. It’s a straight forward experience, you go in, pay, rinse a bit, float, get out, rinse again, dress up and leave. Nothing to complain about and would personally return.

Quietest place in HCMC*. I've been floating for over four years and was so happy to find this place in Vietnam. The set up is very professional and sanitary. Owners are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The prices do seem a bit high and geared towards tourists. I'll will return, but not as frequently as I'd like. *I would not suggest you float if there's going to be rain. During my float it started to pour and the noise was to the point you can not tune it out. I had to cut my float short as a result. No offer of offset cost or float time in the future, disappointing.

After floating on and off for almost year and finally committing myself to float every day non-stop for the past two weeks, I’m a lot calmer and at peace with all the thoughts in my mind. The habit of chasing after sensory pleasure and agonizing in the presence of discomfort is greatly diminished. I find myself less in unfavorable social situations thanks to the degree of control I gained over my emotions. The benefits have been invaluable. A year ago, if we didn’t have float tanks at our disposal we would have perceived and felt about float the same way a lot of people do (in fact that’s the reason we made the decision to make the float tanks ourselves, saved on aesthetic to keep other aspects decent and charge as little as we could in the first place).

Thank you to the first being who decided to sit in silence and triumphed against its animalistic ways. Thank you John C. Lilly for discovering the Float Tank. It has been such a great vehicle navigating the spiritual path in the midst of this crazy & chaotic world.