Welcome to Float Vietnam

What is Float?

The Float Tank creates an environment free of all distractions enabling the body to truly relax and put your mind to true rest. The real value is not in the experience of Float itself but the benefits you gain after the session. There’s a myriad of benefits that awaits ones who commit to Float as a THERAPY, a MEDICINE for your well-being.

Why Floating ?

In the modern world, the abundance of stimulations can confuse our brain and create stress. This is why we often seek escapes, either by having some time alone by ourselves or a trip to some place where our concerns and worries can be left behind. Float Therapy is a powerful way to detach the mind from external stimuli.

What is floating?

How does it work?

Sensory Deprivation achieved through 10” inches of skin-temperature water, 900lbs of Epsom salts, a light proof, sound proof enclosed environment that voids your nervous system of as many senses as possible. The user floats effortlessly due to the extreme density and experiences a profound state of physiological and psychological relaxation.

What's the experience like ?

My thoughts begin to slow down, they spread apart and the space and silence behind the thoughts start to rise towards the surface of my awareness like oil separating from water. All my muscles begin to release, I let go of control, and I surrender to the empty space I have given myself to for the next 90 minutes.

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This is not a typical spa experience. Compared to a massage, a nice meal, or any other sort of sensory experience is like apple and oranges. Notice the original name “Sensory Deprivation” instead of “Sensory Fulfillment”. Though the relaxation can be very pleasurable most of the time, a Float session should be treated as a complete rest for your body & your mind. Rather than an 'ex-perience', our float tanks offer an 'in-perience'.
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