I’ve Spent 100 Hours Floating. Here’s What I’ve Learned

If you are unaware of what a sensory deprivation pod is, let me give you a brief description. A sensory deprivation pod is what is used in floatation therapy, also known as floating. A sensory deprivation pod is like a large bathtub filled with about 12 inches of water, 800 to 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt and is heated to about the same temperature as your body.

Due to the salt content, you are able to float on top of the water, freed from the force of gravity. The lights are then turned off so it’s pitch black, silent, and feels like what you would imagine floating in space would be like.

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work at a float center. Because of this, I have been able to gain a unique perspective on the benefit of floating, as well as the inner workings of my own mind and body. To date, I’ve managed to log 100 hours in a sensory deprivation pod. Here’s what I’ve learned.

1. Your mind has a mind of its own.

After spending so much time watching my thoughts without distractions, I’ve come to realize that thoughts tend to come and go as they please and it’s our conscious decision whether or not we think more deeply about them.

Some thoughts are harmless and pass by without any issues. However, there are other thoughts that are more charged and when they come by it is very difficult notto think about them. Think about a time when you got into a heated argument with someone that became very personal and emotional. How many times did you end up rehashing that same argument in your head, after the interaction had ended? It’s probably more times than you would like to admit, yet this is the nature of the mind.

The good news is that you can choose to end a thought at any time, focus on your breath, and let it go. By bringing awareness to your emotionally charged thoughts and then realizing that having imaginary arguments in your head does not serve you, you can cultivate a more relaxed, permeable state of mind.

2. Our thoughts have no power except the power we give them.

There is a famous proverb that says “the mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master.” If we give our thoughts too much attention, they will begin to affect our emotions. Those emotions can lead to impulsive actions. This is how we allow our thoughts to control us.

By developing awareness of our thought patterns, we allow for more of a buffer zone between our thoughts and actions. A calm mind makes you more responsive and less reactive. In this state, you are less likely to act impulsively. This in turn leads to more rational decision making and will result in fewer conflicts.

This is an absolutley amazing find in Hanoi. I always tell people that floating is the perfect practice if your looking to improve your health, inner peace, and general wellbeing - and that is certainly the case at 'float Hanoi' as well! I have been floating regularly for a few years in the US, and I can say that the tanks and facilities here are truly top of the line. Also Minh, one of the owners, was incredibly welcoming and helpful - he even took me to find an ATM machine after my float so i could pay him! Then followed by showing me a gas station so I could fill up my motorbike (Ive only been here two days). 🙂 Float Hanoi exemplifies what selfless service is all about - I feel at home in Hanoi already just from my first experience here (Of course im also relaxed and rejuvinated from the float itself). I bought a package of 5 "one hour" floats, and when those are up, I will be buying a package of 5 "ninety minute" floats. All that said, just do yourself a big favor and give this place a real shot! You wont be at all dossapointed. ????

I recieved a voucher for my birthday and was sceptical about the new experience. I was really impressed with the friendly gentleman who explian the process very well to me in English and make me feel at ease and relaxed. The actual float experience blew me away. I havent been so relaxed after my session and continued the zen feeling well throughout the day. I highly recommend making an appointment and experiencing this wonderful sensory deprivation technique. They also sell CBD oils which ca be used to relax your mind and body. 5 stars is a no brainer.

We tried the couple float room. Each person has her or his own floatation pod. The staff, Duc, is responsible and details the steps and common doubts that we have. It’s relaxing and an interesting experience. It’s like being in a world of your own. Recommended for getting back your inner peace and calm 🙂 TIPS on getting there: make sure you enter the 51 alley.

The last time I floated was back in Bangkok in 2019. My husband and I were regulars at the facility there. The Hanoi float center feels much more “homemade” than the one in Bangkok. Not saying that neither is better than the other; the setting feels very different, which is something to keep in mind. Otherwise, the tanks work the same - the only difference would be that you have the option to pry the tank’s cover open slightly with the ones in BKK but here, it’s either fully close or open, which can be uncomfortable for first-time floaters. Also, if you haven’t meditated for a long time, it can be pretty challenging during the first few sessions as your mind WILL keep wandering. We did the couple floating session for 60 minutes, and we didn’t regret giving it a try. It was nice, dark, and quiet (something you don’t get much from living in Hanoi). The staff understands and speaks English very well. The online reservation was hassle free, and the team will contact you a day before by phone to reconfirm. Note that they are not really responsive on Facebook messenger, so it’s better to call. It’s a straight forward experience, you go in, pay, rinse a bit, float, get out, rinse again, dress up and leave. Nothing to complain about and would personally return.

I had incredible good session although the staff wasn't very welcoming. I had a feeling that the guy was a bit shy but he introduced me to the whole ceremony. Place is good and quite outside of the whole chaos. Prices are reasonable and youve got everything you need.


3. Floating is like meditating on steroids.

Developing a consistent meditation practice is one of the more difficult habits to build. There are very few times when and places where you can sit in complete silence, free of distraction. Even if you do manage to find a place, you still have to deal with your body getting uncomfortable and restless. You also have to fight the constant urge to peek at the clock to see if you’ve reached your set time.

The main goal of meditation is to learn how to hone your concentration so you can use it to shut off the distractions around you, which will then allow you to focus solely on the inner workings of your mind. However with floating, the sensory deprivation pod shuts everything off — with no effort on your part. The water is even heated to the same temperature as your body in order to dull the awareness that you have of it. This allows your mind to wander freely, completely untethered from everything. This makes floating the optimal place to easily reach deep states of meditation, even if you’ve never meditated before.

4. In the right environment, the mind and body can heal itself.

I’ve come to realize that when the mind and body are relaxed and absent of chronic stress, it has an amazing ability to heal itself. Science is showing that chronic psychological stress can lead to depression and dementia but is also one of the leading causes for the development and progression of physical diseases. Researchers are discovering that chronic stress can hinder the ability of our body’s immune system to control inflammation. When inflammation is uncontrolled in the body, runaway inflammation occurs, which is thought to lead to the progression of disease.

After spending 100 hours in a sensory deprivation pod I have learned that cultivating a relaxed mind and body can positively affect every single aspect of your life and is, in fact, an essential part of living a truly healthy life. Unfortunately this area of health is mostly overlooked in today’s society but I hope that my experience will encourage you to explore the benefits of floating and relaxation more seriously.

Source: MindBodyGreen